Whiskey and cigars

Very similar to my camping trip at Flaggy Meadow and accompanied with friends and family we spent the night at Eagle Mountain. We hiked about 3 miles along the Hutchinson Trail in Sterling State park then bushwhacked about a mile up to the peak of Eagle Mountain. A pretty steep and challenging climb to the summit but it was nice to have a little challenge after a relatively easy hike in. Again there was no official campsite but we found a great spot on the other side of the peak to set up camp. While our trip was in early February the weather forecast did not call for cold temperatures so we just needed a fire pit appropriate for cooking and basic tarp set up for our shelter. My father brought a heavy duty ground tarp which came in handy because it ended up snowing on us at night. Our shelter kept us dry and comfortable. Ian being a certified holistic chef cooked one the best campfire meals I ever had. I always enjoy making steak and potatoes on my trips because they are easy to make and tasty but the way he prepared it was next level! Normally when I take people out on trips I am the one that is calling the shots and having to be extra prepared. It was so nice to have these guys around to help bring everything together to make it a smooth trip.

This trip was another very special experience for me. I had two good friends along on this trip and it was their first proper backpacking trip. We started out as co workers and after only two short years we all became very close. Very like minded individuals and I was excited to share what I love with them. Having my father along for this trip was so much fun as well. It was the first time we had camped together in about 10 years, it was well overdue. The evening was spent embracing the brisk winter weather, drinking good whiskey, smoking cigars, and having great conversation around the campfire. Truly enlightening conversations that left us all with new perspective and outlook on life.

I believe one of the most important things in life is the people you surround yourself with. Whether you realize it or not they have a major influence on who you are. To see two of my close friends and father connect so quickly and the type of conversation it led to help me affirmed that I am with some great people and on a good path. While it was a relatively simple and relaxing trip it is one I will never forget.

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