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Mount Harvard - 8/20-8/24 2019

This week’s adventure was a four night camping trip through the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness in Colorado. We hiked the Kroenke lake trail just over 4 miles till we reached the campsite located on Kroenke lake. The hike in was relatively flat and easy to navigate. I was glad to have an easy first day because the rest of the week was stacked. The following day was spent climbing to the peak of Mount Harvard. Starting our journey at Lake Kroenke at 9k ft elevation we hiked 7.5 miles to the peak of Mount Harvard at 14,500 ft, for a round trip of 15 miles. The first 5 miles of this hike was a breeze and we had some amazing scenery along the way. It was the last two miles where we made most of the vertical distance. Our final ascent to the top was straight rock and very steep. Along the top ridge was dangerous, one missed step you could easily fall 100 ft down hard rock. Thankfully we all made it to the top safe and sound. We did not stay at the peak long. Conditions were harsh there, with direct sunlight blasting us and the limited oxygen we stayed for ten minutes or so before making the steep descent to our campsite.

Our campsite was breathtaking, lots of space and great scenery. Plenty of room in the site for two tents and a tart. This site also had direct access to the lake. The lake provided some amazing scenery to fall asleep and wake up too. Perfect for swimming (especially after the long days hiking) as well as nearby running streams to collect drinking water. The only thing I was not a fan of was how busy the campgrounds were. Lots of hikers on the trails and surrounding campsites. It caused us to have to travel a decent amount to find good firewood. Thankfully the campground provided other great resources and was large enough for each site to have enough space and privacy.

What made this trip so special for me was I got to take my closest friends on their first real backpacking trip. The fact that it was such an intense trip made it a better bonding experience. Me and my three best friends started the tradition of going on a week-long trip every summer for vacation after we graduated university. This being our third year we decided to take our bags to the west coast for a more serious trip. In past years our camping trips have been car camping and day hiking. Besides myself, no one else had ever done a backpacking trip. Everyone was excited to experience a real backpacking trip and I had so much fun showing my friend the proper equipment needed, how to pack a bag, collect firewood, and other camping skills. This was the year I was giving a lot of thought to expanding my coaching and training expertise to hiking and camping experiences. I was so thankful to show my skills to my best friends and how much they loved the experience. It affirmed that this business venture would bring me fulfillment.

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