Mental strength pt 2: Disassociation

When focusing our mental strength to overcome our physical sensations it is a relatively simple idea to understand. Difficult to do but the mind body connection is a topic that is often discussed in philosophy and the fitness industry. The more difficult area to tackle when cultivating mental strength is our emotions. Emotions are such powerful tools, they can fuel humans to do such powerful things. Actions that were unheard of or that an individual thought was never possible. On the other end these powerful emotions can be detrimental leading to hormonal changes and physical ailments if not used properly. 

Having the mental strength to harness the power of these emotions requires great control. Without this control people are at the mercy of their emotions and ultimately not in control of their own lives. The first thing we must recognize is the roots of emotions. Emotions are energy, this energy can be stimulated from external situations or from our own thoughts. This energy fuels our lives. It compels our fight or flight reflect, it can compel us to worship the people we love or contest the people we hate. Unfortunately our emotions aren’t based in fact or logic and can lead us to the wrong choice at times. 

Now that we understand what emotions are and how they can affect us, we can now understand how to harness them. The way we are able to control this energy is by disassociating our emotions from our situation. We will never be able to control the emotions that arise in us, but we can always control our actions. Separating these entirely will bring you control.  

When applying this to our lives we find that obstacles and other setbacks often come up and will deter us from happiness and what we strive for. This is usually because negative emotions arise in times like this. It is very easy to give into these emotions and make a choice based on instant gratification. Usually in the form of abandoning our goal to get rid of this sensation. The difficult part is pushing through these setbacks and the emotions it brings up. To be able to use this emotional feedback as a tool to make a more practical choice and pivot our decisions to achieve our goal. The emotions are negative but the energy they bring us can be used to find a solution or help push us through difficult times. Use this surge of energy productively and logically. It is very powerful and will help you to come back stronger despite the obstacles we just faced.

Just because we feel mad doesn't mean we have to slash out in anger, just because we feel happy doesn't mean we should jump for joy. Whether the emotion is negative or positive the energy provided from these emotions can be used to further what we desire.

It's important to make sure that we are making our choices consciously. Being too fixated on the emotion will cloud your logical judgment and cause you to make a choice to address the emotion and not the situation in front of you.

Challenge yourself to stick to your goals and life plans. Despite how you might feel when you fail, use this feeling to encourage yourself to find a solution. Even if you do something great, do not let your thoughts be clouded by joy. Stay grounded and focused on your plan till you see it through. Whether negative or positive, use this surge of energy to heighten your logical thought process and pivot your decision making so you are able to stay the course in your life. 

This is when you will be able to feel in control of your life. You find that whatever comes your way whether it is in your control or out of your control will be something that works in your favor and never against it

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