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Nick Olson

I started my lifelong martial arts journey with Taekwondo at age five. After many years of training and fighting, I was able to earn my black belt and the opportunity to fight in top national and international competitions. My training quickly progressed and led me to my position as a professional mixed martial artist. I attribute my background as an Eagle scout and the many trials and tribulations I’ve faced in the wilderness with crafting the self-awareness and fighting spirit I maintain.


Through my experiences I have been tutored and coached by the best in the game, and it's been an honor to learn and hone their skills. It’s my passion to share this knowledge in my unique training system with others, to help take take abilities to the next level.


In Person trainings

Online coaching


Adventures include

  • Day hiking

  • Multi day camping

  • Private group trips



Team Daniel Gracie



"The recent weekend backpacking trip I took with N.O. limits was extraordinary. It was winter camping in the old-school tradition. We hiked several miles and then went off trail for another mile or so and made camp. Throughout, Nick Olson not only guided us safely through the woods, he guided us through the decision making process of cross country travel, campsite selection, and everything related to a safe and fulfilling winter camping experience.

Nick Olson is a skilled old-school outdoors man and the experience I got on this weekend trip was uplifting and memorable as a result. it was a truly unique experience I couldn't find anywhere else." 

Glenhaven International

JACQUELINE HENSEL, Director of Marketing

"I have trained with a number of different people in the past but nothing comes remotely close to this. Nick invests so much of his time and energy into my own health and well being, and he truly holds me accountable. his positivity and outlook on life is infectious. NIck also provides so many tools to help one's mental and physical capabilities. I am still on this journey but there are few better way to invest in myself than by choosing to invest in Nick."

City Harvest

Digital Producer

"Nick Olson tackles personal training with a realistic viewpoint. What I enjoy the most about Nick's online training is that he understands how life can get in the way and his plan is manageable regardless of what your schedule is, yet it still leads to the results you want. He supplies several examples so someone can train on their own but also modifies your plan based on my weekly notes. I 100% recommend his programming!"


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